Tzy Panchak: 4 Things to Expect From USA Tour 2017

Tzy Panchak
4 Things to Expect FromTzy Panchak's USA Tour

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The blue-eyed boy of Blue Nation Tzy Panchak lately disclosed his Journey to the United States for a 2017 tour. This got every fan excited as this impeccable move is an absolute step to further his brand.

However, his forthcoming USA tour is not limited to entertaining fans abroad but also an absolute opportunity to network with other superstars out there. Much is expected from Tzy Panchak pertaining this USA Tour.

A couple of Camer artists in the likes of Stanley Enow, Salatiel, Mr Leo and a host of others have made their names on the international scene with such Tours. Perhaps, an international Tour is a good springboard for those who have conquered their base.

Tzy has been confirmed to perform at the upcoming Afrimmar Awards in Dallas Texas

Below are the four things you should expect from Tzy’s USA Tour;

An International Colabo with a Cameroonian Based US artist or An American artist?

“We love Tzy and believe in his art. We shall be thrilled and overjoyed if Tzy surprises us with an international collaboration with an American artist” one of Tzy’s fans opened up on social media.

A collabo with a US artist is a great idea that will permit Tzy to sell his brand to an international audience and subsequently wider his fan base.If he happens to collabo with an American artist what song will that be? More to that what calibre of the artist?

An album release?

The afro-pop sensation has got a couple of beautiful and timeless songs but has got no album. Will he use this tour opportunity to launch his album? If he surprises fans with an album, it’s definitely gonna be a win-win for his career and his fans.

New singles

We’re definitely sure that Tzy has got some new tracks for this Tour. To spice this tour, he might probably release new songs to thrill his fans.

Extend Tour to Cameroon

The success of this forthcoming Tour may push the blue nation to extend the tour to Cameroon. This will make a brilliant idea if it’s the case.

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