Viola Llewelyn of OVAMBA, Features on Vanity Fair’s April Issue

Viola Llewelyn

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Twenty-six women of color who had raised more than $1 million as tech founders gathered for a group portrait for Vanity Fair’s April issue. Among them was Cameroon’s Viola Llewelyn.

Silicon Valley might seem like a male club, but that might not be around for too long. There is a new STEM movement which aims at encouraging and introducing many more young girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Celebrating black women who have raised $1 million or more in outside funding is a great move. One which encourages young black girls to dream, and fights for their dreams.

26 African American CEOs gathered together in a hall for a photo shoot, all dressed in their own personal clothing, for a special and rare cover of Vanity Fair’s 2018 April issue.

It was a proud #wakanda moment for all these women, coming together to celebrate each other in a way which was meant to inspire every black girl. To them, it wasn’t just a photo shoot. It felt like a movement, as they posed in #wakandastyle, recounting all their stories.

Among these 26 amazing women was Viola Llewelyn, CEO and co-founder of OVAMBA Solutions.

Viola Llewelyn
Viola Llewelyn

Viola Llewellyn is the co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions, Inc, Africa’s first “FinTech” company to create technologies to serve African SMEs with innovative Sharia-compliant finance products, eCommerce, and logistics services.

Ovamba’s technology gives global accredited and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in the fast-growing African private sector.

In 2016, “Digital Undivided Report” as one of the 50 Black or African American women in the USA who have ever raised more than $1 million for a tech company. She is also amongst the top 200 “Women in FinTech Power list” a global list of female industry leaders published by Innovate Finance in November 2016.

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