How I Fell in Love with WARD ZEE the Movie at Twist


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On reaching the fourth floor the aroma of fried chicken accompanied by a soft music playing “njumba no be married” by Blanche Bailly, hit me. This was indeed welcoming but all I had in mind was WARD ZEE.

At the entrance to Twist, I noticed a large mirror. It’s obviously where female clients “slay queens in particular” frequently dab their faces, apply makeup where it’s no longer visible, and adjust whatever needs a little bit of touch.

Most cosmopolite around the South West Region of Cameroon finds Twist to be one of the most refined and calm chilling spots for hangouts. The restaurant, snack or whatever you may call it lies atop Eko Bank Molyko, Buea.

I was fortunate to discover the coolness, hospitality and the premium customer service Twist offers just not long ago. I had an appointment with Cameroon’s young and talented movie producer and actress- Itambi Delphine. We chose Twist as our meeting spot.
A brief meet up with Delphine to plan and set strategies to facilitate the effective marketing and distribution of her most recent movie titled “WARD ZEE”.

It was a remarkable experience taking the stairs up to this Himalaya in the name of a restaurant lol. Climbing four stories to go discuss the marketing of an upcoming movie? The service had better be worth it…

I was amazed when I stepped in. It was beautiful and reserved. I also noticed it was a hangout spot for most acclaimed celebs and showbiz mongers as they could be spotted chit chatting and drinking. We love the setup and interior design. It is just so cool and deserves a come back with more friends and meetups.

At the extreme end of the restaurant was a beautiful lady with a wide smile, sitting confidently in a royal blue dress. She offered me a seat. I admired her dress and thought a little compliment wouldn’t hurt. “love your dress” I said she responded with a “thank you” while smiling. She added, “It’s Mareta West”. I was wowed by that and added “really nice”.
We talked for a while before getting to business. Can I get the premise of this new film WAED ZEE? Yes, of course, she said with a sincere tone.

”The crazy neighbour and the silent baby” There she goes.

‘WARD ZEE tells the story of a young woman who fights for her life and that of her missen son when she wakes up from the strangest of places without a baby she supposedly gave birth to two days ago in Ward Zee of a given hospital.

Every trace of her ever being pregnant or having put to birth are non-existent. Her husband and maid have disappeared into thin air and everyone she comes across who seems to believe her seemingly delusional story becomes a target.

PAGE and her team of a curious Neighbor, a police officer, an ex-lover and a come-back sister are bent on puzzling out the mystery behind the disappearance of the baby. But how so, when not even she,(the mother) can REMEMBER. Is this a wild ghost chase with a woman who may possibly have buried her own son, or is someone bent on making her FORGET?

Such a brilliant and intriguing story. I can’t wait for this to come out I confessed.


After listening to the synopsis of the movie, I came up with plans of action to effectively market WARDZEE, which she was delighted in.

Immediately after, Delphine beckoned a tall slim beautiful waitress. She approached our table with a suspicious smile and picked the menu list on the table. In a gentle tone, she said what can i offer you guys?


Looking straight at her face, I asked what have you got? She said we have sleepy nipples, sex on the beach, after sex, and long island. Was I like whattt? Are these movie titles or what? i was tempted to look at Delphine’s chest when I got the name of a drink “sleepy nipples”. Damn curious to check if they were actually sleepy lol. I did not. “I don’t know if I should call those names interesting or weird I whispered to Delphine”.

Again she said we also have none alcoholic drinks such as orange, Apple, Grape, Guava, Mango, Pineapple and cocktail.

Finally, we all decided to take guava juice but sleepy nipples couldn’t escape my damn mind.


After a brief chat while siping we were approached by another waitress who was in charge of taking orders for food.

Hello good day, you are welcome to Twist. We’ve got food too. In a soft tone What you guys gonna take?

We have much to eat here. She spoke eloquently and i was almost convinced the food was offered for free.

“There is fried rice and chicken/beef, chicken chips, dodo chicken/ beef, poulet DJ, bougar, plaster and mincemeat and pizza too,” she said with both hands placed on the table.

A plate of food is sold at 2500frs at Twist but i think it’s worth it. I love the presentation and packaging. I ordered for rice while Delphine ordered for dodo and beef. The food was so good. I’ll obviously frequent Twist and recommend it to you all.

While anxiously waiting for the WARD zEE to be premiered, i plan taking boo over to twist on Valentine’s day for sleepy nipples lol.


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