#WeNeedPeace – Top 237 Artists Say No To Bloodshed

Top 237 Artists Say No To Bloodshed #WeNeedPeace

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Will this solemn masterpiece of peace trigger the Biya regime to initiate a meaningful dialogue to resolve the Anglophone crisis?. Following a huge criticism worldwide. These Top Cameroonian Artists finally lent their voices to say no to bloodshed. They did so on a song titled WeNeedPeace.
#WeNeedPeace is a song produced by Alpha Better Records and OSS. The song features Salatiel, Nabila, Ko-C, Blanche Bailly, Daphne, Minks‘, Mr. Leo, Pit Baccardi, Blaise B, and Sango Edi. This song shares a fervent message of peace and hopes to Cameroonians.
In 2016, the fissure grew larger as the Anglophone minority, protesting the imposition of French systems in the courts and schools were attacked.
The peaceful protest by Anglophones has morphed into an armed conflict between separatist movement and military of Cameroon. The Biya regime knows what measures to take to put an end to this crisis tearing the oil-rich nation apart.
 However, at this crucial point in time, Cameroon needs peace. We of this platform endorses this brilliant initiative. We urge you reading this to joint this campaign weneedpeace. 
 All is expected of you is to putt up the ashtag‘#WeNeedPeace in Cameroon’ on social media. This trend may spread hope, peace, and love in its own capacity. who knows?. It may put an end to the senseless killings of innocent citizens.

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